NFL Statistics

The Stats That You Didn’t Know!

These numbers are based on Averages and Assuming that All Players are Male. (But as we all know, a woman can do anything a man can do!)

There are usually 53 Players Per NFL Team and 32 Teams in the League, that’s 1,696 Players in the NFL!


All of that Totals:
– 9,497.6‬” (inches) Approximately in the NFL or 263.82 Yards! A football field is 120 yards, so lined up when erect, it would take almost 2 and a quarter football fields of man meat!

(Based on a 5.6” Average US Penis Size.)

– 3,392‬ Testes (those are “nuts”, “balls”, “boulders”) Assuming that every man has 2!

Now let’s assume that each player only ejaculates once per day. (The average male is said to be 8 times a week and to prevent prostate cancer, it is recommended at least 21 times a month.)

That would be as follows:

– 3.7 ml per ejaculation or about ¾ teaspoon.

(The amount of each ejaculation can range from 0.1ml to 10m, depending on multiple aspects of the male; that is up to 2 tablespoons!)

– 26.52 cups of semen per day.

– 1.66 Gallons of semen per day in the NFL!

– 101,760 Billion Potential Babies A Day!

(Based on 60 Million since on average men produce 15 million to 200 million sperm per ejaculation.)

– 11,872 Calories a day if it were all to be ingested, or 290,016‬ mg or the equivalent of eating 48,336 chicken eggs a day!

(6 g per egg and 171 mg of Protein per ejaculation.)

Will you EVER look at a football game the same way again? Now I know why the end of season game has the word “Super” in it!

(Next will be a comparison of the military! Who will win?)

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