Calm Down!

Taylor Swift sure did hide a lot of things in her video “You Need to Calm Down!”, there is a video out there that explains all of the “hidden” features in the video. And now because she made this video some people claim that it was her way of “coming out”. But all I can really say is THANKS! for making such a great and supporting video!

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Todd Stratton (26)

I have so many different experiences in my life, there is no way that this section could cover it! I have been a judge, graphic designer, entrepreneur, computer repair, video production, and even a promoter of potential talent. My life has led me to places that many can not even fathom, let alone done it themselves! Get to know me and find out more, I am always an open book! I do have a physical disability and I am on the Autism Spectrum, I prove that a disability does not always hold you back in life! There is ALWAYS a silver lining! Thank you for taking the time to read this brief summary about me!