All You Ever Wanted to Know About ME!

There is nothing ever that is off-limits to ask me! I am, and always will be an open book to all! I have nothing to hide in this world and I personally feel that transparency equals truth! Refusal to share the truth, or when your version of the “truth” constantly changes, should say something about how much trust to put into what is being said!

All About Me!

Almost everything you have ever wanted to know… maybe a little more! If I have forgotten something… Just Ask!

My gallery of the crazy stuff I do! Watch out… I have a very strange sense of humor!

Some great people have said many great things! Look through this section and see a sample of some of them.

Just some of my rambles about whatever comes to mind. You might not agree with me, but I still hope you will read them!

It is time for a change! We as a people have become a global community and need to accept each other! Join the movement and show the world that we are all Human!

This is a link to some very important information for the LGBTQ+ community. Please read and share, because you never know who might need it!

I've been working hard...

Just recently I decided that I had enough of the practices of a “certain social networking site”. I found out I was not the only one! Deleting images of the American Flag or posts about “Remember 9-11 and “Never Forget!”. They are blocking and deleting posts about PRIDE (LGBTQ+ related), they even permanently blocked the account of a priest for posting bible quotes and general life inspirations. Sometimes they will permanently “disable” a user with no explanation of why!

This has to stop! So (currently blank due to re-organization) was born, it is not just a social community or a social networking site. It is a site for everyone where freedom of speech is encouraged and to make connections with your family and friends or to make new friends.

Just Something Fun! is a collection of cards designed to be handed out to express your feelings, interest in someone, just to be funny or simply to show you are proud of who you are! Plus a ton of funny t-shirts! is my alter ego, he likes to support those with disabilities, both physical and mental. is EVIL and wants to take over the world, find out how he plans to do it!

Make sure to check out all of these sites! (And I have a few more on the way, so make sure to stay in touch!)

A small business supporting other small businesses.
A small business supporting other small businesses.
This is a JOKE male escort site, Have Fun!
Chat for those that understand cancer!
Not all disabilities are visible!
I will take over the world! Someday...
Get the truth about this scary world!
Important LGBTQ+ Information!
Important LGBTQ+ Information!