Back to a brief story of Me!
Back to a brief story of Me!
Why I Made This Site!
Why I Made This Site!
About the myPRIDE Movement...
About the myPRIDE Movement...
The meaning of the name Todd...
The meaning of the name Todd...

A Listing of All of My Current Websites...


Some of them are still being built, so please be patient!

This site is dedicated to sharing the truth and pointing out some very scary trends that are appearing in the world today. I feel that we need to stand up as one and change the world for the better before it is too late!

There are so many sites for those that have cancer or those that are supporting someone going through the fight, but what about when you have won the battle, but not always the war? I know from experience that your last day of chemo is not the last time that you have to deal with the effects of treatments.

Most of us suffer from some form of PTSD, physical and mental scars, and even left-overs from the treatments. Get back to your life! Get help with dating and just finding out who the new you really is!

Sometimes we all wish we could be someone else, well I have managed to do just that! Andrew came about as a way to express my creative side. He was a graphic designer, photographer, and artist. His name comes from a combination of my middle name and my grandmother’s last name. He is my alter ego!

Andrew also is an advocate for those with disabilities, both physical and mental. Most people do not realize that you can not always tell someone has a disability, this site is meant to help shed light on the subject.

I have always joked that I am my own evil twin. And Willie proves it! He is my evil side; he is the one with plans to take over the world someday and I am pretty sure he will do just that! We all need to have someone on those cold winter nights or just to talk to when we are lonely, this site offers a service to keep you warm and to give you someone to keep you company.
(This is a JOKE male escort site!)

Ruthie was a woman that touched the lives of everyone she met and to her, a stranger was just a friend that you haven’t been introduced to yet, and being her friend met you were a part of her family! She had so much love in her heart and she was always willing to share that love with anyone in need. She was always ready with a hug, a sympathetic ear, and would do whatever she could to help. Ruthie was the strongest woman most have ever known. She used her strength to help those in need and to share that strength to help others get through tough times. This site is dedicated to her and will try to continue some of her work. It will advocate for those in need, offer knowledge, and even share some family recipes.

My mom went through a time period where she wanted to be a little wild and Rosie was born! Not sure just how “wild” Rosie is, but only time will tell! Willie Wilde was originally going to be her son, but she decided to change her last name to Thorn.

Make-A-Wish has decided to look the other way when it comes to some groups and companies, but not being fair to everyone and every group!

I have always supported MAW, but when I contacted them asking to continue to support them I was told that I could not due to the content of my site. After much consideration I made this temporary site to start the discussion of my concerns with how some companies and organizations are encouraged and others are denied when content could be the same or even worse!

The family has tried to do a cookbook for decades and we have come close a few times. Now it is going to go digital! New times call for new ways of doing things.

This will be the future home of a production company for a very “special” clientele. Men need to stand up and stop shaving what they were given!

Man Fur Is Fun!  Spread the word!Line

* I try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible and try my best to explain the purpose of the site. I do have other domains (subs and add-on domains) that are not included in this list because they are intended for testing, site maintenance, file storage/access, email access, and more.

** Just as a side note, I have the ability to have 19.5 Trillion email addresses due to my current domains and sub-domains. That is because you are able to have a combination of 500 Billion emails per, so you have no excuses for not being able to contact me by email!

*** I also have approx. 7,000 GB of online storage with my hosting, clouds, Google Drives, and more!