This is my secret page, so don't tell anyone!

If you do, I will have to hunt you down and do horrible things like make you listen to one of my jokes! So You Have Been Warned!

- I am going to start selling condoms on my sites, but I can only pick 10!
(The gay ones don't count! They will have my logo printed on them for PRIDE!)

- Since no one ever believes me on many FACTS in my life, I am starting to share what pictures I find.
(The G-Rated Ones of Course!)

- You should always practice safe sex! - This is my Public Service Announcement

- Just Something On My Mind... Don't Ask!

- Me Before & After Cancer in the Year 1993!

- Geisinger T-shirts - I Tell Ya!

- Dude, You brought this on yourself! Go Texas!

- These T-shirts are too dirty to mention!
( *Warning on this one! Adult Content! NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK!!! )