Sorry That I Haven't Posted In Some Time!

The truth of the matter is that ever since my Mother passed away I have found out more than I really wanted to know about my “family”!

Without her protection from the cruelties of my aunt and cousins, I have realized just how much of a joke that they think I am. After that first Thanksgiving when I made a comment about my aunt Jonnie, they all made fun and told me that I was making it up. Then I made a comment about my Grandmother. My one cousin actually yelled out with a roaring laugh “Where the hell do you come up with this stuff!”

Then about two hours later they started talking about what I had said. Coming to their conclusion that what I had said was true! Yet did any of them bother with an apology? Not a single comment was made as to the fact that they had treated me like an idiot only to find out that I was right.

I have also then found out what liars and thieves my brother and sister really are! Not only did my brother steal my share of our Mother’s IRA which equals $50,000. Then my sister and he worked out a plan to steal un-countless thousands of dollars in jewelry from my Mother’s estate.

If that GREED could not get any worse, now they are kicking me out of my home! Their GREED has gotten so bad that they are making their disabled brother homeless!

The worse part about all of this is that my brother makes over $134k a year, my sister is around $120k a year. My sister-in-law makes a whopping $230k a year as a veterinarian!

I can’t get into how many illegal things that they have done on here. Some of which is their anger towards me because I was honest and they are no longer able to defraud the government of thousands of dollars!

One of the worst things is the way that they have, and continue to mess up their children!

The scariest for me is that my sister, Kim M. Stratton works for The Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference, in Binghamton, New York! Can you just imagine how many children that already have problems that she is making things worse! She is the one that actually stole all of the jewelry in a garbage bag! She was almost running to her car to lock it all in the trunk before coming back into my Mother’s home. She has such horrible mood swings that her children are nervous wrecks. They never know when she will switch from good mom to bad mom, then back to good mom again. Sometimes she becomes out of control mom! Like when she started screaming and yelling about a single sock that was dropped on the bathroom floor. Sending them to bed in tears without dinner.

She has been known to be a liar almost her entire life! I couldn’t even get into all of her huge lies, but one of them is who the real father of her children is! In her defense, she did just meet him for the first time at a party, got drunk, took him home, and had unprotected sex with him resulting in twins. What was his name again? That’s right, Calvin!

My brother, Brian L. Stratton works as an un-licensed, un-insured, un-incorporated contractor in the Ithaca, New York area! Do you wonder how many of his customers that he tells them the truth that when they choose for their home projects that if he does something wrong. Their home owner’s insurance will NOT cover the damages, even if it is a total loss of their home. He cares so little for the people that he works for that it does not matter that they are unprotected in the event of a tragedy caused by him.

His parenting skills are almost as bad! Like ignoring when his children are chasing each other with knives. Or the fact that he can leave them without food all day. My favorite one is that two of his kids had lead poisoning due to lead paint and they didn’t bother to take care of it until they had their 3rd child after 5 years since the first one was born.

They both sound like great people, right? If you think that I am making any of this up, I promise you that I am NOT! If you were to know the rest you would really be shocked!

Yes, this was a little bit of venting for me, but also the reason why I have not been able to keep this site up-to-date. I promise to try and do better later!

If anyone knows of a bunch of really good lawyers to help me combat their high-priced one, please contact me!

I hope that you are all staying safe during these horrible times and please pray for me to find a place to live!

*Also pray for them to save their blackened souls!