In the Beginning…

This is just some info for all those that might need it! It was recommended to me to get a fidget toy. And I was given a very cheap and light one that was a promotional spinner. It didn’t spin for very long and I kept dropping it because it was so light. So I went, where else, Amazon and did a search for a fidget spinner that might make me happy.

I Tried!

I found a great one that is a nice weight and spins for a long time, but makes a whirling sound and it is very distracting to others when I play with it.

I got an infinity cube, love this thing! But again, it makes a loud clicking sound and is very distracting to others. And both of these toys required a lot of motion to use.

The Solution!

Then I found the “Rizzle” from Fidgetland. It is silent and small enough that you can use it in just one hand, some practice might be needed! Or to keep both hands busy, you can do that option too! Plus it comes in 4 different colors (mine is purple, my favorite color). Since you can use it with one hand, it is not distracting to others, most of the time they do not even know you are using it!


“Toys” like these are important to me because I have ADHD, that causes me to constantly move and have a hard time concentrating. I also have OCD and using this toy helps me to not focus on things that used to really bother me, especially things that I could not fix like a crooked painting in a doctor’s office. I also have Anxiety and Social Anxiety, toys have helped me a great deal with this! Using the “Rizzle” has even helped with my Schizophrenia, making it so that my mind is distracted from what I “think” is really going on.


People often say that these toys do not help with Autism, they are wrong! I am also on the Autism Spectrum and by using these toys it helps me to focus some of my thoughts and to better interact with others.

Additional Info…

I also have Fidgetland’sFidget Ball“. I always have trouble falling asleep because I can’t get my mind to shut off and my hands, fingers, legs and feet are constantly moving. I used to rub the skin off my thumbs because I was constantly, well fidgeting with them. Now with the “Fidget Ball” I keep it next to my bed and start using it as soon as I lay down. It keeps my hands busy, it helps to calm my mind and my body. I now fall asleep faster.

Please visit their site: or find them on Amazon, you will NOT regret it!

(Next I want a “Revolution”!)

Todd Stratton (27)

I have so many different experiences in my life, there is no way that this section could cover it! I have been a judge, graphic designer, entrepreneur, computer repair, video production, and even a promoter of potential talent. My life has led me to places that many can not even fathom, let alone done it themselves! Get to know me and find out more, I am always an open book! I do have a physical disability and I am on the Autism Spectrum, I prove that a disability does not always hold you back in life! There is ALWAYS a silver lining! Thank you for taking the time to read this brief summary about me!