Did You Know? Series...

Most of this is just made up, but every once in a while it is true, can you spot which ones?


I have been evil all my life, and as I get older it has just gotten worse, here is the proof!

Friends & Family...

I might be crazy, but I had to get it from somewhere... this is just some stuff to prove it!


It's time to celebrate life! Here are some holidays that you might not even know about!

Inspirational Images...

Things that I hope will inspire you in life!

LGBTQ+ Stuff...

Funny and serious, but all about the community!

Me, Me, Me

Crazy, Insane, Unique... All words that have been used to describe me, but I am just "Limited Edition!"

Pickups & Jokes

Horrible Pickup Lines and Stupid Jokes!

Serious Stuff?

Sometimes it really is something serious! But sometimes it is not!

Silly - Stupid

You can't always be serious in life, so here goes some stuff that I hope will make you smile and hopefully laugh!

Spanish Themed

I am trying to learn some Spanish for my sister-in-law, but I gotta have some fun with it!

Please Help Support Families In Need!

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