~  Brian L. Stratton

  My brother folks!  He is not really the cold hearted Son of a Bitch that he tries to make everyone think he is.  Everytime I think that there is no hope for my brother, that he is in-human, and cold.  He does something that totally floors me. When I was diagnosed, it was just a few days before my birthday.  That was the first year that my brother had ever given me anything for my birthday, let alone any holiday.  He and my sister got into a bidding war. They tried to see who could get me more, and who could get me something that I would like most.  My brother got me this excellent leather hat. It was soft, and kewl.  I loved it. Of course I would never actually tell him this becasue then he would get a swelled ego, but I can tell you because I know you wouldn't tell him if I asked you not too.
  Actually if it wasn't for my brother I might not be here today.  When they say that everthing happens for a reason, I beleive them.  My brother happened to break my arm, not that we ever faught or anything. When I was at the doctors, they noticed that one of my glands had started to swell.  Then when my mother braught me back to get checked out, they found that I had Cancer.
  Anyway, my brother, the teacher, contractor, farmer. What is it that they say?  "Jack of all trades, master of none." My brother is someone who never actually would tell you his feeling, but I can honestly say that he is very sensitive, just don't tell him you think so or else he might try to beat the shit out of you. Not really!  But I had to put that incase he ever actually read this page.
  Check out his new website:   www.blscustom.com

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