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Todd is everybody's friend. Todd is a one of a kind person. Funny awesome and love able. He just is always telling jokes and laughing all the time. If you find a Todd ask him out he probably will say yes. That is how nice he is!

Keep him with you until he is gone!

He is there for you he is your shoulder to cry on. He is your best friend! You can never get him mad easy and when you do you will be on ground.

He is there for you forever!

Todd’s are the most amazing men in the world! He is sweet, kind, and amazingly awesome. Not the hottest guy you'll meet but, but he makes up for it in his personality.

Someone who seems to be able to befriend anyone and everyone. Todd's are loyal almost to a fault. Todd's somehow never seem out of place, even if they know they are.

Todd's are sly, crafty, sweet talkers who intoxicate those who they choose to seduce.

Watch out when around a Todd!

A Todd will offer up the shirt on his back and the beer in his hand to the least amongst us. Todd's will punch you in the face if you pick on any of the weak OR his friends!

This really is on the internet! I did not make this up!

Please Help Support Families!

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